As I expected, my time has been limited for playing large field MTTs over the past couple of weeks. I've still played some Freerolls and 10FPP tourneys, which have faster structures, but the larger chip-stack and slower structure MTTs require a longer time commitment and I have only been able to play one.



This was a $1.10 MTT that starts at 11:00 WET. I had the day free and after a lie in to about 9:30, a hearty breakfast and a refreshing shower, I sat down with a big mug of coffee feeling perfectly alert and ready to foucus. I registered just as the tournament was seated.

The first hour went well - | picked up two early small pots with AQo on a Q high flop and with 89o when I hit two pairs against passive play. 

I then picked up KQo in the cut-off and the board ran my way, though I was risking a lot if the player shows up with AA/AQ - luckily my read was solid and I held with the money going in good and the opponent off to the rail

A nice deep stack to play with now, I stayed patient and about 40 minutes in picked up cowboys. With a min-raise and 3 callers ahead I made a strong re-raise but still went to the flop 4-handed. The pot was so bloated and 4-way I didn't really want to make a big opening bet on the flop, but I did it anyway, and took it down right there.

3 hands later I had another pocket pair - the more tricky jacks

Again my raise does not dissuade multiple callers, and when I open on the T-high flop I am reraised all-in by the player to my left, giving me a tricky decision. I had already seen this player go all in on a low flop with AKo and all in preflop with KJs, so I felt I had a good chance to be ahead and the pot was huge - I coluldn't lay it down v this opponent

I'm liking this table - especially the dealer - as I get another crack with KK - being given an easy decision by the raise/reraise ahead of me

At the 1st break I was in good shape. Late registration closed with 2,496 players and I was ahead of most of them at this point. The second hour was a struggle - I won two decent pots, the first with 73o, yes - that is not a typo...and then with TT which I played badly but still won.

It was a while until my next win - seeing a free flop in the BB with a suited ace, flopping the nut-flush draw and hitting the nuts on the river

Things can change quickly in a poker game, and although I had run well to this point, once past the bubble things got tougher, I made a few big mistakes and eventually shoved too light from early position with 55 and busted when I could have waited for a better spot.

I lasted three and a half hours and finished 141st for $3.12, a profit of $2.02. Still small change really, but it was a very enjoyable game and I am looking forward to playing some more of these.

MTT Project Bankroll has risen to $33.12 - so I have $8.12 above the $25 baseline to use for these higher buy-in MTTs

Good luck all

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan