In Week 5  I played my first 2 $1.10 MTTs and failed to cash. I posted both exit hands in the analysis forum and was pleased that the expert opinion was that I did not do anything wrong on those hands.

My Depositor Freeroll ticket expired and I decided not to reload for another one just now.

Instead I cashed out most of my online funds, leaving just the MTT Project Bankroll and a few dollars extra for some occasional cash games at the 0.01/0.02 tables. I will be quite busy over the next month and then have a two week holiday planned over the festive period so I will wait for the new year before I decide whether to deposit again specifically to access the Depositor Freerolls.

My main games over the next few weeks will be the 10FPP MTTs, and when I have the funds above $25 to allow me to play them, the $1.10 tourneys will be my main aim. I had intended to play 2 of them today, but something came up that made it impossib;e, so I will just keep playing the FPPs and general Freerolls until I am sure I have the time to play them.

Currently the MTT Project Bankroll stands at $27.20 - and as I no longer have access to the Depositor Freerolls I expect slow progress until I can hit a deep run in one of the $1.10 tourneys.

Thats all for now - just need to keep grinding.

Good luck all

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan