I am glad to say I made it to my initial Stage 1 target of $25.00 during week 4, and will now be able to move up to playing some higher buy-in MTTs.

The 4 weeks of Depositor Freerolls have been the most profitable, and a very useful way to increase my bankroll at minimum risk, as well as using the FPPs I had accumulated for the 10/20FPP MTTs. I did not play too many of the $0.10 $50 added MTTs, and just about broke even overall on the small cash investment made in those games.

My profit for week 4 was $4.83, and the MTT Project Bankroll has now risen to $26.63.

The next target will be to double the roll again to $50.

I will not set a time limit for this target, as the main reason for it is to discipline myself not to play too high a buy-in tournaments with my still small bankroll.

I may well make another small deposit at stars when my Depositor Freeroll ticket expires this week, but any sum deposited will not be added to the MTT Project Bankroll - only the winnings from continuing to play in the Depositor Freeroll games.

I will now use the bankroll excess above $25.00 to play higher buy-in MTTs, and if I fall back to $25.00 I will limit myself to freerolls and $0.10 tourneys again.

Until I reach $50.00 I will not buy-in for any amount higher than $1.10

$1.10 is a large proportion of a $25 roll - so this is not really following proper bankroll management rules - but as I will be funding these initial buy-ins from Freerolls it is justifiable.

If I play a satellite and win a ticket for a target tournament with a buy-in above $1.10 I will play the tournament wherever feasible or unregister for T-money.

The self-imposed $1.10 limit will still give me a lot more choice of tournaments and satellites to play whenever convenient. There are three $1.10MTTs that start at 11:00/12:00/16:00 WET that I want to try out. They all have the same 15 minute blind structure, although the first two have 3000 chip starting stacks and the later one has a lower 2000 chip starting stack. It would be possible to play two or three of these on the same day, from start to completion, at reasonable times for me - (so long as I have the day free). I will look at how they run this week and might play them on a Sunday.

There are also a lot of turbo satellites to the Big/ger tournaments for as little as $0.22 which I could play when convenient, up to the $1.10 satellites to $11 target tourneys.

Looking forward to some deeper stacked and slower structured games.

Good luck all

Ed from edinburgh - EdinFreeMan