My third week at the MTT tables brought me my deepest run and biggest single cash in one of the $100K Depositor Freerolls.

I finished 56th - ahead of 18,400 players - for a cash of $3.06.

I was still behind another PSOer - 'effsea' - who was seated at my table briefly and went on to finish strongly in 22nd for $4.79 - well played sir!

I also spotted chillipops in the game, another good finish for a PSO regular in 167th for $1.27 - good game.

A look at the final table pay outs from this tournament shows you how quickly the amounts rise should you get there, and how large the top prizes are. The total pool was $2,666.50. Significantly more money was put in the pot by players taking rebuys and add-ons than the $1k added by PokerStars, although none of it came out of my pocket.

PokerStars Tournament #635726645, No Limit Hold'em

Freeroll 18456 players

$1000.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars

Total Prize Pool: $2666.50 USD

Tournament started 2012/11/02 14:00:00 WET [2012/11/02 10:00:00 ET]
Tournament finished 2012/11/02 19:47:56 WET [2012/11/02 15:47:56 ET]

1: $Dark$Hor555 (Russia), $284.05 (10.652%)
2: MrOffender (Canada), $212.94 (7.985%)
3: ERnesto8301 (Bulgaria), $159.99 (6%)
4: BADHULK72 (Russia), $119.99 (4.499%)
5: egonanita (Germany), $93.32 (3.499%)
6: charlotta777 (Germany), $66.66 (2.499%)
7: GetLostLoser (South Korea), $39.99 (1.499%)
8: vmiklos2 (Hungary), $23.99 (0.899%)
9: Saymon147 (Russia),$15.99 (0.599%)

.................................................. ...........................

However, that one good score was not backed up by consistency, and my total profit for the week was still below $5.

My MTT Project bankroll has increased to $21.80 - so I will need to earn another $3.20 before I can move on to stage 2, and hopefully play some more interesting MTTs at  higher level. If I make it to the initial target of $25.00 this week I will set out my strategy for Stage 2 in next week's blog.

Good luck all

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan