I have just posted the week 2 graph of my MTT project in my forum thread.

It started well with a couple of cashes- but then flattened off and I made less profit than in the first week.

Week 2 profit of $2.11

Starting bankroll of $10.00 now up to $17.10

I will try to play some more of the FPP entry tourneys this week to help add to my total.

I currently have a balance of 591.30FPPs - as I have played quite a lot of cash tables this week, so they have increased. I am not earning any FPPs at the MTT tables as they are all Freerolls and $0.10 unraked games.

I played just 3 of the $0.10 buy-in MTTs this week, cashed only once - so again I am taking a very conservative line and not risking much of my profits. Those games are not my favourite structure - although the added value is good.

Basically I need to keep grinding and get that roll up another $10 in the next week or two.

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan