Ed's MTT Project - Week 1

The $10.00 bankroll I allocated to this project has grown by 50% to $14.99

This was achieved at virtually no risk, as I have mainly been playing Freerolls.

I was lucky to get my best cash of the week in the first tournament for $1.11

Only $0.40 of this profit was reinvested in 4 of the $0.10 buy-in MTTs.

In the 59 NLHE tournaments I played, I cashed in 13 for 22% ITM.

Twice I cashed for over a dollar - with the other prizes ranging from $0.15 to $0.53

My ticket to the $100K Depositor Freerolls lasts 31 days, so I still have over 3 weeks to
continue playing these games, where most of my profit has come from.

My two best finishes were in the Depositor Freerolls:

409th of 21,605 for $1.11

282nd of 18,330 for $1.09

I have to accept it will be difficult to get deeper runs than these in the Depositor Freerolls as I am not investing money in the rebuys or add-ons.

That puts me at a disadvantage, but the cost of up to 3 rebuys and 1 add-on - $1.20, would be too much for my small starting bankroll, so I am satisfied to play them purely as Freerolls and take as many small cashes as I can whilst I build the roll, although there is always a chance that I can make a deep finish if I run spectacularly well.

I think if I had enough bankroll to invest $1.20 in a tournament, these might not be my favoured option in any case, as I prefer the structure of the freeze-out $1.10 tournaments.

My PT3 Graph of the first week of NLHE tournament play shows steady, if slow progress, I have posted it in the forum blog thread, where I have been posting regularly, entitled 'Ten Dollars+500FPPs - Roll It Up via MTTs'.


I won't pretend there have been many interesting spots to post. The nature of the Freerolls are that most of the decisions are preflop hand selection, being patient and getting the chips in fast when you think you have good hand equity. Mostly all the money is going in preflop or on the flop.

Hopefully as I move up the stakes the play will become more varied and interesting.

Off to start my second week of tournaments.

Good luck all

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan