I have always played MTTs - but have also tried pretty much every format of NLHE game available.


My intention now is to concentrate much more on MTTs - starting back at the basic level and seeing how far up the stakes I can move over the next year or so.

I will still play other formats, just move my focus to predominantly playing MTTs.

To start off this long-term project (anything 'long-term' is pretty ambitious given my age!!), I made a small deposit a week ago to access the $100K Depositor Freerolls.

I am starting with a micro-bankroll of just $10.00 - and hope to show it is possible to take that small amount of cash and work it up to a viable roll for the type of games I want to eventually play regularly -  MTTs at around the $11.00 buy-in level - such as the Sunday Storm.

That goal is way off and to begin with it will be slow progress taking the $10.00 and building it up to $25 as the first target - playing only Freerolls and $0.10 buy-in $50 added MTTs.

I will also use my FPPs - roughly 500 to start with - to play the 10FPP and 20FPP buy-in MTTs.

Once I reach $25.00 - which I hope to do in the first month whilst I have access to the Depositor Freerolls, I will set out a plan for playing higher buy-in MTTs, without risking the roll too much - and the next target will be $100 which I hope to reach around the end of this year.

I will blog here about the different games I am playing and post my progress and graphs from my tracker software.

I will also review as many of the MTT videos here at PSO as I can, as I need to work on my MTT game to improve my play in all phases of tournament play.

I am already posting regular progress and spots from my tourneys in a forum blog thread.

Good luck to me and all at PSO.

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan