Good Tournament to start learning and using pokerschool online strategy. Firstly and seriously tried to play it in 2012 January. So I realised its a good tournament, ofcourse there are a lot of bad players, but as every where you have them. So you have to learn how to deal with them. I think if you learn how to beat a bad player in this tournament, you can easly beat a bad player in Bigger tournaments.

This months goal is to get uder the 1000 place in leaderboard. So far i have climed up to 1507 place.
Have played 6 tournaments, 1 - 55 place, 1 - 852 place, and 4 games i lost on a coin flip situations,So further ill try not to commit my self to that kinda a play.And hopefully i wount bust in the middle of a tournament

I ll post later,how i am doing in reaching my goal!


Deside to Play a good Poker!