Playing at Depositor Freroll.

Qh 10h utg. So I decide to raise 3bet.  2 people call. One of them is a big stack,who likes to play almost every hand,so I assume he has Rags, i putted him on low number cards. Flop comes(i still assume i have the best hand,so I bet, but clearly i did my raise wrong, i bet little less then 1/3 of a pot.). Ace comes. It fives me the straigt, but i was afraid of a spade.But ok, I decide to cointination bet(again wrong amount i bet 1/5 of a pot, i should raise 1K instead). SO i assume i could be beaten.But i still think i have to bet a show down value,so i bet.Villain opens.. and I was shocked

So to SUMMING UP what happened.I learned a Good Lesson. Bet your hands right amount if you dont want to loose to crazy callers