Today I had my one on one coaching session with André Coimbra. Initially I was quite nervous since I have only been learning how to actually play poker properly for a few of months. Previously I have deposited money in to others sites at random times and basically just bluffed it all away, or something to that effect. I can't really remember but I know I opened my PokerStars account last year and lost about $50. That aside I logged in to my account sometime at the beginning of this year and noticed there was a poker school button at the top which I had previously over looked so I clicked on it. Ever since then I have been learning how to play a winning game of poker.

We started the coaching off from the first hand of a PSO open skill league all the way to when I busted in 25th place which is my deepest run in the open. Along the way he pointed out key spots in which I had missed opportunitys to easily pick up chips with good hands in those spots and also points where I should not be folding. We analised my equity against my opponenets ranges and showed me some free software to do it. I had made some bad decisions but he helped me a lot understanding why they were bad ones. I also made some good ones!

All in all this was an excellent coaching session which I will be reviewing frequently and I benifited hugely from it. If you want to have a look for yourself  I think André will be posting the video on his blog at . I also think others will get a great deal out of one of these coaching sessions and you have the chance to get in on one. At the time of writing there are still two more coaching sessions to win. Go here for the information.

To wrap things up I would like to thank André for taking his time to coach me and also PSO for putting on such an excellent promotion and for being the best poker school online!