PSO last night, and I get involved in two hands with the same player.  First one, I have A J, am short, so I go all in.  Called by QJ, and we'll call this player "Joe".  I am a 3 to 1 favorite in this hand.  Joe hits his Q, and then the board runs out and I make a straight, lucky for me.

The next hand we get involved with, I have A Q he has A 6.  Again, I am a 3 to 1 favorite.  The board comes A J 10.  He bets, and I go all in.  I did limp into this pot, but I figured a raise would hurt my stack, and I need the points. 

He calls, and hits a 6 on the river.  I am out, and a little too early to get any points.  Joe types in Justice.  Justice?  He thinks this is justice? He got his money in bad twice, and hit a miracle card both times and he thinks this is justice??  It is only Justice to the evil Poker Gods that keep these guys in the game.  What type of player could possible think his A 6 is good in this spot?

Live tourney on Sat night, a once a month league that I play in.  I have AK.  It folds to me I raise it up over 5x, to 275.  (25/50 blinds)  I get called by one player, the BB.  Flop comes A 10 9 with two spades.  I check.  The BB bets 450.  I check raise him to 1500.  He calls.  Turn is a third spade, which gives me pause, as the only hand I could put him on calling there is the flush draw.  Check check , on to the river.  4rth Spade hits the river.  I check, he bets 2300.  I mutter a few Helmuth phrases, and muck.  I say at the last moment, that he probably doesn't even have a spade.  He shows Ad 6sp, for the flush with the 6.

Again, A 6 off.  He had the best hand, but what did he think I had when I check raised him?  Was he hoping to hit a 3 outer for two pair, which btw might not be good?  Do those people get rewarded now to pay me off in the big one later?  I hope so Poker Demons, I hope so....