Totally screwed in the PSO and other tourneys last night.  Unbelievable.  Finished 70th in one PSO.  I had AK, called by monster stack who had A 9.  He makes a str8.

On FT, playing in the daily dollar, I flop the nut flush.  A 6 of diamonds, and 3 diamonds flop.  Including the Queen.  I bet, and get raised.  I re raise all in.  Called by Q 8 off.  Running 8's for a boat.  I was down to like 500, and tilted them off in the next hand.

The most annoying was in a 180 man $4.40 on stars.  My favorite tourney.  Down to 30 or so, 18 get paid.  I have 5k.  Avg is 8k.  Short, but very managable.  I have A 7 clubs in the BB.  SB min raises.  I call.  Flop comes 4 5 7 rainbow.  SB bets pot.  I tank a while, and decide to go all in.  There were 2 hearts, and I figured him for a 7, and afraid of a flush draw.  Now, 10 or so from the bubble, this is an excellent play by me, as we are close to the money.  I have 5k, he has 6.5K, so a great deal of pressure on him to make this call.  He tanks for a while, and then calls.  When he tanked, I figured I am good.  He shows  A 6.  He called 70% of his stack with nothing but a draw.  He hits the 8 right on the turn.

Last one, satellite on FT for the mini Ftops ME.  I am BB again with 8 5 off.  I get min raised by the button.  I call.  36 left out of 71, top two get tickets, 3-5 get some cash.  Flop comes 8 5 9.  I go all in, as I am middle of the pack, but short on chips.  I get called by A 7.  You can guess what comes next.  Yes, the mircacle 6, filling his gut shot.

First, I can't beleive how unlucky that is, which makes me question online poker and the ligitimacy of it all.  Second, in all of these cases, how can these morons make these calls?  Calling their tournament life for a gut shot?  Are these players that bad?  Or are they playing against people that are soooo bad that they think Ace high is good?  The pros will say, these are the players you want to keep playing against, but these idiots are killing me!!

Tuesday night I will try my hand at live poker, and see if these miracle set ups continue....