July came and went, and I finished in the top 4%, out of 6k players. Overall I am happy with the results, though I had some tough ones in the middle of the month. One I can remember was, after not playing a hand, i get A Q off in middle position. I raise 5x blinds, to 100. I got a couple of callers,and took a flop of Q 9 6 rainbow. SB bet 80, into a bot of 300+, I raised to 340. The button folded, and then the original better shoved. Now, this is not an easy call normally, thinking he played Q 9, or hit a set, but seeing him play for the first 10 mintues or so, I thought I had him so I called. He shows Q 5, which of course i have him dominated, until the 5 comes on the turn, and I am out really early! There were 5 other tourneys in the PSO that went the same way, and despite that I faired well. My problem is that I will never be able to play in 4 tourneys per day, every day. If I were to look at my avg points per tourney, and I was very close to the top guy, but he played 3x as many as me. I will never be able to play120 tourneys, so i guess I will just have to be satisfied with another month like last one.