Tis the Eve... of Christmas Eve.  The inaugural PSO Community HG Promo 2013 has concluded, and the year is windin down.  Pokin around PSO, checkin the Forums and readin Blogs... it dawned on me that settin goals for 2014 isn't a bad idea.  Sooo... I've decided to set a few of my own.

These will be my Goals for 2014, in no particular order...

#1.  Get BUZZ, B0bbyFish, and jordan to come outta semi-retirement, and commit to PSO Community HG Promo 2014.  Possibly get BUZZ and B0bby to play PSO OSL in January wid me.

#2 Bust effsea wid 72o.  This has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now... but the effer keeps duckin me...  hiccup.

#3.  To be half the luckbox JWK was in this year's PSO Community HG Promo. Same can be said to be applicable to Fady as well.

#4. To "school" both Fady and John in the PSO Community HG Promo 2014... for runnin away wid this year's leaderboards

#5. To bust "Supernovas" as often as possible... look out Sand (hint hint).

#6. To be a 5 Star Ace... like my mate... HEA

and last... but NOT least...

#7. To hook-up wid annie22@90... cuz I'm her <3boy

Happy Holidays,