Hi Pso,


 This is gonna be a poor attempt @ a blog.  I have no hand history, therfore, have no hand replayer to show the significant hands.  I realize that without the replayer, I will be ineligible for the additional 75 pts, but I feel a need to brag, as these are my 1st and 2nd Team PSO KOs... ever.  What makes it even more special is the fact that along the way, I take down Event #18 play chips.

We will begin when the table is down to 3...ChewMe (chip leader), JWK, and short-stacked Me.

Very 1st hand 3 way... JWK jams from Button, insta call from ChewMe, I fold... JWK doubles up thru ChewMe... they've reversed positions.  I realize after a couple of orbits that if I dun start playin, Team PSO's gonna chew me up and spit me out.

1st big swing... JWK (chip leader) is SB, ChewMe is BB, and I'm on the Button.  I min raise to 32K wid Q7o , JWK folds and ChewMe calls. Flop is x,x,8... ChewMe checks, I check... Turn is a 7... ChewMe fires a 32K bet, and I flat. River pairs the Board wid another 7... ChewMe checks, and I fire an 80K bet.  ChewMe re-raises all-in and has me barely covered. I insta call, showing a set.  ChewMe shows 6s5s.  The 7 on the Turn wid the 8 on the Flop gave him an OESD.  Missed str8 draw and an attempted steal on the River cripples ChewMe.  The very next hand, JWK folds from the Button, and ChewMe barely able to make up the BB, jams all-in. I'm ahead when the cards turn over, but ChewMe has live cards.  We both miss the Flop, but I Turned a pair, and ChewMe is drawin dead.  My 1st Team PSO KO... a worthy Team PSO member to boot.

Now I'm HU vs JWK. Our stacks are farly even, but I'm ahead by a few chips.  1st hand HU, JWK jams, and I fold.  2nd hand in, I jam right back, and JWK calls.  When the chips go in, I have 12 to spare.  I turn over AsKs, and JWK turns over AKo.  I recall having a flush draw after the Turn, but we end up chopping.

I comment to JWK that ChewMe is my 1st Team PSO KO... ever.  I then proceeded to tell JWK,

"Ur gonna be #2."

We battle back and forth, and JWK builds up a 2:1 chip count, 800,000K vs 400,000K.  Maintaining his 2:1 chip count, JWK is being very aggressive.  I finally decide to put it all on the line and jam.  JWK calls... I can't recall who had what, but I did win the hand, flip-flopping our positions.

Now I have a 2:1 chip count.  We continue our HU.  JWK is just abusing me, and soon levels up the chip stacks.  Jwk maintains his barraige, and soon I'm back to a 2:1 underdog.  JWK is just kickin my butt.  Every time I come in wid a raise, he is re-raisin like a bully.  This went on for a bit, and I know JWK is just using his stack against me.

Finally, I decided this is enough.  Once again I raise, and JWK promptly re-raises.  I'm lookin down @ J7o, and think to myself, "Alright John, are U prepare to put in another 300.000K over and above?"  I put all my chips in, and JWK folds.  Sooo... for badness, I flashed the J7o. 

The very next hand, JWK comes in wid a raise, and I decide to flat... once again wid Jx.  The flop comes J high, I check, and JWK jams... maybe something to do wid the stunt i pulled in previous hand... anyways, I make the call showing top pair and holds.  JWK is crippled, and this time I'm NOT lettin him get away.

Sweet... JWK has sent me a hand history of our final hand.  I will take the 75 pts... tyvm.  

This is how it goes down... enjoy!