Hi All,

It is now Sun, Aug 7th, and I'm still here @ Toronto Pearson International Airport.  It is 8:00 am ET, and my flight is scheduled to depart... again... @ 9:00 ET.  It's only been 22 hours since I landed here for the 2nd leg to Chile.  My flight last night @ 10:55 pm was boarded, and after sitting idly for over 3 hours, the passengers were asked to get off.  It seems there was a problem wid 1 of the braking systems.  Air Canada states we will land in Chile @ 7:30 pm Local time today, and, that there is still a connector available for Montevideo.  As to when this connector actually departs from Chile, and when it arrives in Montevideo, is still unknown to me.   :S   I suspect it will probably be sometime after midnight.  I will then have to board a transport to take me directly to the Mantra Resort, literally hours b4 the start of the ACP Live Event.  Talk about an uphill battle, and against all odds.  

To date, this one in a lifetime dream, has cost me 2 days in Uruguay, in addition to 34 hours in layovers b4 getting out of Canada.  Go figure.  It just can't get any worse... or could it?  Sigh.