Hi all,

My worst fears just became reality.      The 1st leg of my trip was suppose to depart 10 minutes ago... yup... CANCELLED.      R u familiar wid the phrase, "Living in a fog?"  Now I'm sitting home, sending emails and waiting for replies, while being on hold wid Air Canada's toll free # for rebooking of Delayed and Cancelled Flights Service.      I won't be meeting up wid the rest of Team Canada for the 2nd leg of the trip to Chile, later tonight.  I suppose I'll make it down in time for the live event on Monday, but this is just terrible.      Will be updating just as soon as I find out any info.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Easy out 

I'm on the phone now wid Air Canada's Delayed and Cancelled Flight Service.  Presently, it's looking like I won't be able to fly out of St. John's b4 Aug 9th, due to the number of cancelled flights today, as well as the # of stranded passengers ahead of me.  What do we do?  This is very upsetting.

Update (10:26pm Local time - 8:56pm ET)...

  I managed to get a flight wid Air Canada on an 18 passenger plane as far as Deer Lake, Newfoundland (approximately a 50 minute flight from St. John's), but was unable to make the connection to Halifax, Nova Scotia on stand-by status, out of Deer Lake. This is a very small airport (if we can call it that). The only restaurant in the airport was closed when I arrived here @ 7:30pm Local time. In order to eat, I must pay a taxi fare into the town, and another back to the airport. I now have an 11 hour layover @ the airport, less my time travelling into and back from town. I can't even check into a local hotel, as they are all filled. My flight from Deer Lake to Halifax will depart the next morning  @ 6:30am Local time ( 5:00am ET).  It lands in Halifax @ 7:13am Local time (6:13am ET).Then I have to make a connection from Halifax to Toronto. The flight departs Halifax @ 9:00am Local time (8:00am ET), and arrives in Toronto @ 10:15am ET. I will have a 12H40m layover b4 departing from Toronto to Chile @ 10:55pm ET - Aug 6th.  I'm pretty much 24 hours behind my teammates.      This once in a lifetime dream is becoming more and more like a nightmare.  Hoping it gets better.