Hi All,

It is Wed, Aug 3rd, 12:00 ET (1:30 pm Local time), and a Municpal Holiday here in St. John's, NL.  The running of the Annual St. John's Regetta Day, is held on the 1st Wednesday in August.  I appreciate this day off as it gives me a chance to finalize all preparations b4 heading to the ACP on Friday.

Due to work commitments, I have to work Thurs, Aug 4th, and Fri, Aug 5th, up til noon.  This leaves me wid a 2 hour window to get home, freshen up, drop my car off to the garage for some much needed maintenance, and get to the airport for check in... fun fun.

My flight departs 4:15 pm Local time, and I arrive at Toronto @ 6:10 ET.  I have a total of 4H45m layover.  The rest of my teammaters r flying in from Montreal, and will not arrive b4 9:15 ET.  There's a 3 hour window, if any PSOers in the GTA, want to come by and say hi.    Let me know.  I'm game for a big pow wow session, if u catch my drift.  :wink:

Anyways, as promised way back when, I will try to update as often as possible... just in case there's some interest.  

On a side note...

I was able to play my 1st PSLQ, 7:00 ET, today.  Managed a 5th place result out of a field of 205.  Thinking this might be the best route for me to make PL for September.  Rather than just not participate at all, and having to run in the OL in September,  to try and qualify for the PL in October.

May try the PSL @ 2:00 ET, just to see what it's all about.  I can't see myself putting much into the PL this month, as I feel the 4 games per week I'm able to play, won't allow me to be competitive within the PL.

Well, that's pretty much it... for now.  This was just a test.

BTW... Thank you to BUZZ for his thread regarding upcoming ACP, and to all the well wishers.  It is greatly appreciated, and, I hope I live up to ur expectations.