Just scrutinizing my own results 4 PSO Skill League March month... b4 the start of Mar 24, 10:00 ET Skill League Tourney.  I see that on Mar 11, I had accumulated 1880.05 pts after the 13:00 ET Skill League Tourney.  The 1880.05 pts represented my peak, up to that point in time... and continues to represent the same.  I'm also certain I was sitting somewhere in the Top 10.  Since then, goin on 2 weeks later, I'm startin off today wid 1829.21 pts and ranked 88th overall... a net loss of -50.84 pts.  It certainly has been a roller coaster ride over the course of the last 2 weeks.   I'm just wondering... what if I'd just sat pat @ 1880.05 pts, and waited until I was pushed out of... we'll say... top 25.  If I had chosen this strat... way back... on Mar 11...  today... I would presently be sitting in 12th overall.  Hmm...  :S  Just puttin it out there 4 all 2 ponder, and maybe learn something from my experience.