I was observing the FT of early tourney yesterday, Feb 22 10:00 ET.  The reason... 1 of the player @ the FT, bobbycanes1, was seated @ my table in present tourney, Feb 22 3:00 ET.  During the FT play... 1 of our "Top 10"... Bwenas_me... asked the "White Stars" @ the table to throw the tourney to him.  His logic... he was higher up the Leaderboard, and the "win" might secure his placement in the "Top 10" for the End of Month run.  He reasoned his placing was worth more than the $2 or $3, these "White Stars" would receive for their placement in League play.  Bwenas_me then "offered" the "White Stars" a bigger payout than they would receive... if they would throw the tourney to him, and, if he stayed in "top 10" @ End of Month.  Well... these "White Stars" proceeded to question Bwenas_me about his sportsmanship and skill for asking them to "Collude" with him.  Kudos to these "White Stars"... FlushFinder5, mustang19721, and sirtwist2.  They may be only "White Stars", Bwenas_me... but these "White Stars"... have... integerity.  Cheers


P.S. Bwenas_Me.... ur just...

"Slip slidin away... Slip slidin away ay... U know the nearer ur destination... the more u'll be slip slidin away..."  :-P