Of course not! When i first came to the PSO League i thought i was going to beat everybody, that this is going to be a peace of cake.well it was'ent  it was playing on the computer.Because i kept geting beat and beat and beat.Ive done broke 5 computers and i was going to give poker up for good.Two or 3 days went by and i was at a friends house and he was on Poker Stars Net i told him that that game is hard on the computer to play,its not like playing at a real table.He said i know Bob you need to take your time and go though the PSO course and read them and study them.He also said i know you need a computer here take this one.So now this is the best month i have had since joining the PSO League.So i just hope a little luck helps me though some hard and tuff dechions to make it to the top.