Hello Poker Peeps

Just wanted to firstly introduce you to my blog here on Pokerstars Poker School Online.

I will be just casually blogging about all things poker and hope to pass on some poker wisdom - as well as to gain some knowledge.

Just a personal brief summary of who I am - I'm a 20 year old who use to be predominantly a cash game player both live/online playing low stakes poker. Long story short, i managed to win thousands of dollars. Then i've also managed to lose thousands as well.

This has prompted me to start from scratch and effectively try and build my bankroll and myself back up. Inspired by various bankroll challenges, i decided to have my own bankroll challenge (with strict limits). I will post results of this to show you how i've gone. I'm playing micro sng 18man (usually) to try and just go back to basics and really just work on the basics of the game).

I'm just a casual poker player these days but hopefully i can teach fellow poker players a few things and hopefully learn a few things as well.

I also have a poker strategy blog at www.strategicpokerplay.com

Please feel free to comment or personal message me with any questions or if you just want to have a chat.

Remember - Be Champions!