I have decided to try and build a MBA (Massive Bank Account) on Poker Stars.  My ultimate goal is going to  use this bankroll to pay for a trip to Vegas and buy into a WSOP event by the time I'm 55 yrs old.  I am currently 48.  I will need a minimun of 3k to accomplish this feat, that would be $1500 for trip and room and $1500 for buy in to a WSOP event. 

I will build this bankroll from PSO leaderboard awards and other play on Poker Stars.  I DO NOT intend on imputting any of my own money into this bankroll,  however I did and will deposit money onto Poker Stars in order to take advantage of Reload oppertunities, and then withdraw the funds after 10days(assuming I do not go on tilt and loose the funds I deposit)  so I am left with my original bankroll.

I started this adventure in February of 2011.

Here is an upto date account of my Bankroll.

Feb. 12  starting ballance  $60.49
Feb. 28th  $59.32
March 1st   won $50.00 from PSO  $108.78
March 11th deposit $200 for 60th Billionth Reload  $111.13
March 21st withdraw of $200 from March 11th   $115.32
March 29th  used 2500 FPP's to purchase $25.00 cash   $163.52
Aprial 1st  won $5.00 from PSO    $182.32
Aprial 8th recieved last $10 of $50 in reload bonus  $180.20
Aprial 12th day of this post   $162.24

I will try and use the Bankroll management stratagy of Chris Ferguson:
Ring game buy-in of no more than 5% of BR per table, will leave table at next BB if amount on table exceeds 10% of BR.

sit n go's buy in not to exceed 5% of BR.

MTT's buy in not to exceed 2% of BR.

For now that leaves me playing
either .02/.05 NL with a buy in of $5.00 table max or .05/.10 NL buy- in short stacked for $8.00

Sit n go's up to $5.50's

MTT's upto $3.00