So since im in the bankroll builder promotion, im low on funds. My main aim at the moment is to build up enough funds to be comfortable playing the microstakes, and then build on my bankroll from there. It had been going well, I was even in profit until I ended up running a couple hands real bad and I lost a buy in. This normally wouldnt be so bad for most people, but loosing a buy in hurts when you have such a low bankroll as I have, and I cant afford to bust now as im real close to the bankroll builders next target for me, which includes another cash bonus. I have about two buy ins left, so now I just have to be tight and build up my funds again.

So the next night I log in to pokerstars, and I start looking for a table to sit at. Lots of tables, but none of the free one's seem to have a good VPIP. Eventually I see one free with a really nice 50% VPIP and so I sit down.

I play my normal tight agressive, pick up the occasional blind and seem to be doing ok but not amazing. Until....

I read some guy to have a weak ace. The reason I read this was that he checked with my pre-flop, and then didnt bet until he saw that Ace on the flop. Also the rest of the flop looks pretty dry, and I have been watching this guy for many hands and I noticed he wasnt playing all that tight. Also if this guy has an Ace, he didnt have a AK AQ or AA, as then he would of bet pre-flop, and to make things worse I have AJs so I also have an Ace. I call his bet and see a turn, which again looks farly clean to me. And now he bets into me again, but this time if I call him im going to be almost all in.

Im now not sure what to do, all I have is a pair of Aces with a suited Jack kicker, but im not going to get a straight as the board is dry. Im still sure this guy has a weak Ace. And so I call, im sure I have this guy beat, even though all I have is a pair.

Our cards turn and I have AJs and he has A5o. Just what I thought, perfect I have you beat. I was sure I did. So im now thinking, ok how much is my bankroll going to be now, that win will have done me some real good.

Can you guess what lands on the river ?

So after the 5 landed on the river, and he takes all my pot from me im now panicking. How much do I have left. I have 4c in my pot, and maybe 2 buy ins in my bankroll if I buy if for less then I should. Do I rebuy now, or do I cut my losses and leave and try again tomorrow. I still dont know what to do and I already have another set of cards infront of me. I only have 4c, so I throw them away. If I stay here now, I only have a couple hands till I hit the blinds and then im out of this match, I could rebuy but then im risking being totally broke. Another hand lands, and nothing so I throw it away. I have one more hand till I hit the blinds, and I still havnt deceided what im going to do. 

Last hand before I hit the blinds, and I see KTo. Ok so im not going to be able to wait any longer, I wont get a better hand to try this on, and if I loose im only going to loose 4c ALL IN ! One person calls and a King lands and I double up. Thats right I double up my 4c just as I hit the blinds which takes my winnings straight away again. Doubling up on that hand tho made me want to stick here, lets see if I get another good hand before the blinds. I wait and with a couple of hands to go, a pair. So I go all in again. And this time two people call me, and again I beat them.

So I sit back, and for what feels like forever im slowly building my pot a few cents at a time. Get all the way up to 30c, then back down to 20c and so on. Eventually after Grinding for what feels like forever I have built myself up to 82c. One good hand now and I could be in a decent position. I wait my time, and finally I get a decent hand. ATh and so I bet into the pot. Everyone fold but one guy. And the turn comes 2h9hTs. I now have a straight draw and a pair, and so I bet again and again im called. Turn comes 4s, no use to me. I still have top pair, and I still have a flush draw so maybe this will get me back into this match. I think about it and since im only at 50c left I go all in, and im called. River comes and, its the 2c. I now have 2pair 10's and 2's and somehow thats enough to win \o/

So im now upto 1.61 and I sit back and play tight, go up a couple cents and down a few cents for many many hands but im still playing real tight. I even land the occasional monster hand, but no one seems to want to call my bets now. Finally after 3 hours to first sitting down, I land a pocket pair of Kings. Someone raises infront of me so I re-raise. He calls and we see the flop. Jd6d6s not alot for me, but the guy bets again and again I call. 7c lands on the turn and again this guy bets into me. Again I call, I still have two pair with K's and 6's so chances are I have this won. River lands, and another 7, so now I have two pair K's and 7's. My opponent now checks, but im sure I have this guy beat "although in my mind last time I thought this I ended up loosing everything" and so this time I go all in. He calls and I WIN !

So in a 3 hour session I go from $2.00 to $0.04 to now being at $3.27. Ok its just a £1.27 profit, but from being down to just a couple cents to leaving with profit is just unbelievable and I dont quite believe that somehow I managed it. 

And to really put the cherry on the cake, that last hand where I got into profit actually made me enough VPP to complete the next stage of my bankroll builder promotion so I will also get a bonus from pokerstars from that hand : )

So im now exhausted from a really long session that almost ended with me totally broke, and ended up with me leaving with more money then I started. And also I learnt a real valuable lesson. YOU KNOW BETTER THEN TO CALL A ALL IN BET WITH SUCH A WEAK HAND, but when you do screw up, dont give up as you can pull things back if you work hard enough.