This is my story. The story of failure, not being a man. Failing to separate fact from fiction. You see everyone without a dream we are all nothing, & without a plan how to succeed to get that dream, thats what it will always be a dream. Mine now measured not in years but in decades my dream was to play golf professionally, & not bragging but a fact i was dam good & i knew it, because you need a certain amount of cockyiness to let the world no i am good like a Durr did when he eliminated Helmuth in the WSOP heads up championship & Hellmuth tried to degrade his play & a 21 year old kid jumped all over Hellmuth you want to play some games 5 10 50 $100,000. you name the number of games end of Helmuth. I was cocky oh yes because i was going to bear the fruits of my labour, because i did work & dam hard, i use to laugh when people said oh he has the gift he is a natural & my coach was a firm believer that hitting a 1000 golf balls a day would never hurt you, i had a pro that gave me lessons for free & use of the driving range for free. When my teacher saw me do something out of line with the swing just to show off, next lesson he would tie both my shoe laces together dump 1000 golf balls at my feet hand me my PW put a bushel basket 100 yards out & as he was walking by me mumble fill the basket. It did not take long to get it you want to be a pro, play like a pro, then act like one. I Had given myself 5 yrs to qualify for the tour, i thought i was maybe 1 stroke maximum 2 strokes away after 4 years to make it at q-school. I made the decision after looking at all my stats to give it one more year, i believed one more year on putting & sand saves would give me the two strokes i needed to not only make the cut, but a stronger game to begin the tour season. Then came the worst day of my life ater coming home after a normal days pleasure hitting 1000 balls finding 3 players that i new there game well & gave them 35 strokes each & picked up $150.00 for bills & headed home to a wife that i thought would be thrilled & a 4 mth old baby. Now i will say Rockerfellers we were not, but it was getting harder & harder to find games for cash without giving absolutely crazy odds, so i had started doing golf deminstrations on the weekend wich paid very well. We had our two vechicles nice savings accout, & i must say for a young couple just turned 20 we both believed if you can't pay cash it can wait. What was to follow needless to say changed my life forever, she gave me an ultimatum golf or her & our baby. Yes but we had a deal when we got married i would take 5 years & do my best & see what happenss, you no this is my dream. Well things change so you decide, obviously i picked my family. Three days latter my coach droped by wanting to no what was up i explained. He asked me does your wife no how good a player you are? Yes i am sure we have had officials from q-school wanting me to sign up this year, & a consortium wants a % all endorsements contracts & they will negotiate them for me. Well ask your wife then why she is afraid of your succees"? I leave you with this if you hang up your clubs for one year you will never ever play professional golf, because you started the game to late. Four years latter i came home from work & the house & bank accounts were cleaned out, but 6 months after hanging up my clubs it hit me, this was all about her & no one else, & starting from that day forway 90% of savings went into a private account so when this day came i would not be left hi & dry. My coach he was rite i never ever played golf again that was worth writing home about. So whatever your dream find out how & what you have to do to achieve that dream & live it eat it & sleep it. 

Good Luck at the Felt


The Duke