I have been wanting to write about this for sometimetime. At times i may sound cruel & harsh but fact is when i sit at a table i want every body's last dime, but sometimes variance will have a say in the matter. There are apps out there now that tell you what table the fish are sitting at. For you that have never heard of this next time you are looking for a table to play at & you see a line up of 6-9 or mor players waiting to get a seat, this does not mean a bunch of friends want to control a table but it is a tabe with1 or 2 or more major fishes at the table. These are the ones that put butter on the pro's, semi pros bread. Anyone that denies it is not being completely honest. These fishs can put thousands of dollars a day into the accounts of pro's 7 semi pros. Remember this Durr started with a $50. deposit online & the rest is history as he went on to be a multimillionaire online You no the old saying if after 15 minutes at the table you do not no who the fish is YOUR IT! There is always a fish(s) at the table just some not as bad as others, even in the world of the pro's there are alot of pro's that are just not good enough to sit at the same table as a Ivey, Durr, & Antonius. I am sure you have all seen Poker After Dark & notice it is almost always the same guys playing. the remaing stay away beacuse it is a step above their ability. This also goes for us if you hit a table & the players are above your ability get out & find another table. Remember you are here to make money not give it away. When you get to your table find your fish(s) now it is imperative "PATIENCE" it is very important to play strong hands only, miss the flop, continue only if the price is right & the % to mke your hand is in your favour so all you need to do is be right 2 out of 3 times. Remember all you have to do to beat a fish is patience & play smarter. It is no small fact you can not play 75% of your hands & be a successful player. So good luck  to all you fisher men/women unless somebody scoops them away to a heads up table.