This you can proably tell is going to be about the negative results of a downward spiral when it hits. It lasted about 81/2 months & financially the only thing that saved me was "I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO COMPROMISE MY BANKROLL MANAGEMENT OVER SOMETHIME THING I HAD NO CONTROL EXCEPT JUST THAT MY BANKROLL" I wil not invest anymore than 3% of my Bankroll at any one time, this is my first priority protect my bankroll. My second priority is "FOCUS ON DECISIONS NOT RESULTS" & 3rd During this time i will tell you hand replayer was used as much if not more than the actual games themselves. In the games i learned to play a completely new style of poker & because of it i got alot of these zzzzzzzzzz because before any action by myself i had to answer 2 questions? 1) Would i be better off to fold these cards? 2nd) What is my opponent trying to convince me of i have seen them play now for 1/2 hr. What holdings make sense that my opponent would have. In poker even garbage hands to start make big $. Be Aggressive. Exploit short stacks. Use position to your advantage. Look for showdown value. Act 1rst if possible. This one is great so simple after i replayed the hand i just wrote "EQUITY EQUITY POT ODDS POT ODDS"  why so mad at myself when i saw it i just could not believe it, the hand goes like this i am big blind & they are at $10 $20 utg raises to $40 5 callers $220 & i fold thats write 11 to 1& i go to sleep! The 81/2 months was the greatest learning cure ever forr me in my entire life in poker which is measured in decades not years. The little bit of individual notes pertained to one hand that i saw fault with. Now i have five binders of notes all dealing with individual hands.  In that 81/2 months i lost a lot of money or what is a lot of money to me. But variance is variance & it is going to rare it ugly teeth & bite every one in the @#! & that brings us back to the beginnig. I am an absolute mother bear on bankroll magement. As i said i will never play any game for higher than 3% & 99% of my games do not even reach that level.  The last 2Mths has been a complete 180 degrees from the previous 8 1/2 mths & it sure feels good with some high place finishes we have recouped about 85% of the losses & still a ways to go. So for those of you going thru the storm or hurricane or tornado of the downslide in variance. So stick to your bankroll management & yes you will be a winner.