This mite be to late for a lot of you trying to take full advantage of the 7 days promotion for the SPIN & GO proper way to take advantage of the full 7days. The only number mentioned in the promotion is $15. $15. & $15. no were does it ******CLEARLY******state you must deposit $15.x7days=$105.00 to claim the full 7 fays of days, when i  realized that i had been scamed, in fact in Poker Stars return email to my question at this time they did not mention that $105.00 was required to be deposited to receive the 7 day bonus being $1.00x4per dayx7days=28 $1.00 tickets 1dayx$3.00tichet per day x7days=7tickets Isuggest eeryone send Poker Stars for absolute ********CLARIFICATION********on this promotionIt is totallt beyond me why the ********AMBIGUITY******** I suggest that by the time players ********CLARIFY******** this issue with Poker Stars you will not be able to clear the the 7 day promotion just simply because of a ********AMBUGUITY******** *********& SIMPLE CLARRIFICATION ISUUE********


The Duke