Definition-The customary code of polite behaviour in scociety or among members of a particular profession or group. We each & everyone belong to the profression of poker players. I will be the first to admit when joining a table i would like to have everyones chips when i get up & leave the table & everyone else is certainly chaseing the same goal. 

The etiquette of the game to me seems to be somewhat eroding, & the giggest culprit  are  the pros, a very accomplishe pro was playing heads up for the championship, & the amateur hit the river 9 hands in a row, & not that any of his hands heads up were lay down, & i said to my wife he's on tilt & he is going to loose, because the pro's only goal was to berate the amateur louder & louder after each hand until the pro went all in with 76 off amateur turns pocket AA game over.

So you say nice story whats the point? Well crudeness of the game is here on the internet referring to players as donks & fish. Well they deserve none of such name calling but how about a little help instead, EX: i play alot of Omaha 7 if i see a player flip K-7-7-2 rainbow i maay type  your SKLANSKY POINTS 7 pts why call?

Many times reply back whats Sklanshy points? Then the polite reply bac check it out on the internet see if its for you, i promise it will help.

Part of our goal is not just to take peoples money this is just a way to keep score.

You see the Poker Stars coachs doing seminar's to help all players who want to join their sessions on how to improve your game & each Poker Star coah that is helping us they each have their own coach.

So how about Poker Stars becomes the professional group of helpers, i know i need all the help i can get.


The Duke