Can anyone help me out? Yesterday Poker Stars had an offer & still showing today that you deposit $15.00 you receive 4 x $1.00 tickets + one $3.00 ticket which I played today & won 4 out of the 5 for a $12.00 profit plus you receice a daily ticket to a $10.000 tournament which is an all in tournament each hand + if you complete $15.00 deposit for 7 days in a row you will also receive a ticket to a $100,000. tournament. Anyway trying to get an answer back from Poker Stars you mite as well try getting hold of the President. I see were they make the outrageous claim of the best customer service service, my opinion for what its worth absolutely not. So if anyone can help me (if this even gets posted Poker Stars does not like a helpful critque of anything even though they say they do, because this is were they really fall through the cracks is in being able to get CSR ability immediately but in days)So if help is out there appreciate i have the writepromotional code, 7 if anyone wants it "SPIN2015"