Today i thought some info to help us beginners to make the "DECISION" whether to call a bet or fold. I think we can get lost early on if we jump straight into actual %'s as opposed to a more simplified method. When i used the method below it helped me tremondously, & gave me time to relax at the table when i 1rst started getting into %. Of course this is a choice each individual will have to make, you may choose to jump straight into the exact %. There are many web sites were you can find %'s for starting hands & do not worry if you can not find any two the same, but they will be very close. Now for call or fold example, you are dealt 44 & you call along with 3 other players, preflop you are a 22.7% favorite to win. The flop is Qd-7h-2c  reffered to as a (rainbow flop) because of 3 different suits. A player bets $.10 into a $1.00 pot. & the other 2 players fold, now "DECISION" time, my 1rst commandment in my poker bible is "FOCUS ON DECISIONS NOT RESULTS". The information at this point you have is you can't make a straight or flush so you are going to the showdown with pocket 4's, & now the easy way to figure your % to improve your hand on turn & river to come you multiply your outs times 4, & say just the river left multiply x's 2, simply put called 2-4. So the only way to improve your hand is there are two fours left & 2 cards to come, so (4=8%) or 1 card left to come (2=4%), now  your other factor in making your decision is pot odds ($1.00 + .10 (bet)=$1.10=pot(÷.10 your amount to call=11)=11 to 1 pot odds. Do we call? Answer=YES. Reason if you think your hand is good more than 1 in 11 times (about 9%) you can profitabilty call & not worry about the outcome because long term this call is showing a profit. There is always a variance, example, you know this player only bets when they have matched the board to their hand, or have over pair, etc etc etc so in this case your "DECISION" based on knowledge of the player you lay your cards down. What you also do here is tell yourself based on the correct "DECISION" (you made .10c on this hand), keep track of these types of profit (i call them) every now & then, because that is just exactly what it is "a profit). I hope some of what is here is a help to some players.

Good luck on the felt all.


The Duke