I can remember so clearly the beginning of my poker career it was at a stag. It was a game called E BIG  H" If you can picture 3 cards down in 2 rows & one in the middle to complete the "H" & you want to talk about an action gam, well take Omaha (probably why my attraction to Omaha multiply by 50. Let me lay it out & try to picture why i say action. There are up to 10 players & 2 decks of cards. Then each player gets 1 card down betting .01 with up to 4 raises, 2nd card down bet doubles to .02 & possible 4 raises 3rd card down bet doubles to .04 & you get the rest till each player staying in th game has 5 cards down. Then the cards in the "H" were a maximum of .10 with a possible 4 raises on each turn of a card. The "H" cards come up 1 top left 1 top rite 1 bottom left 1 bottom rite, now comes the 1rst action card the middle card of the left line in the "H" & i said really the 1rst big action card because now you have the 1rst set of three cards you can use because you can only use 2 cards from your hand & one set of the 3 cards in a row from the "H" then the middle card in the rite line of the "H" giving us our 2nd row of 3 cards. Finally the last card to hit the board the middle card to complete the "H" across.  Giving us 3 rows of 3 cards too choose from. So as very young men at this time in my life it was the boreing game of 5 card stud with or without draw or 7 card stud  none of these games gave us the action that "THE BIG H" did. Then one day i realized none of us had a clue what we were doing except throwing our money in the air with a 40 mile an hour wind.

That day was the begining of my education of poker. As each day went buy, at the beginning i thought there is an end in site of learning & it will just evolve into a process of memory, but not so i would turn a page an it would lead not to another page but to another book.

Eventually you realize that you will never be "GOOD" but just not bad stuck in an abyss that you are starved for more knowledge of the game, inhale it, gobble in to memory so to speak.

I have realized I can't do this on my own. I will be finding a coach when the bankrpll allows. I will continue to study & i am embarrassed to even admit this, but i taught golf for years & one of the 1rst things i always tried to figure out with my students is "WHAT TYPE OF LEARNER" were they, & there are 7, "VISUAL, AURAL, VERBAL, PHYSICAL, SOLITARY,  SOCIAL, & LOGICAL or mix? Me i am a mix of logical & visual. If you know what you are give yourself a poker test & check the results. If you do not know give each one a try & i guarantee you the one that you feel most comfortable with is proabilty it. I was reading DrEllenCait blogs & that is when it hit me how do you learn duke? Finally it hit me how to increase my learning curve. I recommend to every single player here to read everyone of DrEllenCait blogs & i promise each & every single one of you something of value for your game. 

Good Luck on the Felt Everyone