Our Poker site's today are extremely safe. If you run across a site that guarantees their equipment can see the hole cards, 7 or the turn, & the river, save your money & run like hell, the poker sites have our back from every thing i have been able to find, touch, smell, & read. A few years ago the big worry was algorythm & that was very easily fixed when brought to the attention of the Poker sites.

So do we have anything to be concerned about, & in my opinion i say yes.

1) Collusion

2) Ghosts

3) Hackers

Just a few things to help mostly new players & like i was the first time i saw a computer i had to phone for help how to turn it on, no joke the truth.

Good luck all at the tables!


Collusion is when 2 or more players via instagram, phone etc etc let each other know what they have. They will re-raise each other so the non-colluding players call multiple bets. players who seldom play past pre-flop. UTG & all players be aware of reaction time. The alarm should really go off if one of these players has a really poor hand. There are more get on the web & be prepared. Lastly never accuse anyone let someone in support know.

Ghosts is when another player will take over another players account when they have gone reasonably deep in a tournament & this is usually a very good player or a pro both of wich have been caught at it. Poker Stars are the only ones that can catch these players.

Hachers are our responsibility to protect ourselves by changing our password often & remember no one representing Poker Stars will ever ask for your password, & if you ever get an e-mail to this affect do not open or respond, this is a good way to get a virus.