I have played long before Poker School, but I have noticed when I read the core course and tighten my game I don’t seem to stay above average in chips for mid game. Converting back to the old ways, I’m starting to play a looser game, but taking down pots where I flop 3 of a Kind, Straight, or Full house to net me some good size pots early. So what do I mean, “Looser Game,” well it means I just don’t play my , , or high pairs. This doesn’t mean I have to go “All In” or call “All In” pots, but a limp in for BB or a small rerase just maybe the right call to increase your stack.

This just in… Link2me [observer]: I mean both good and seemingly bad hands win just gotta pick ur spots right and play up and down to keep ur varience up

How true is this? Very true!

The concept is easy. While the blinds are still small 25/50 or 50/100 you can limp in and catch your high or trip . In some cases you hit your A high and other times you hit your and high. Going into each game with an open mind and start looking at what cards you are catching verse what cards you are not may just set you up for mid game.

Getting back to my game as I understand it.