I wasn't to worried about the start as players where going all in, but at the end some prity good players where sitting around the tables. As I was just waiting it out to reach the final table, I wasn't getting any cards, well not like the chip leader or acouple others players were, when out of no were I final get my break pocket AA's and right behind BB which was the chip leader. so I'm sweeting bulets, with sweet palms and pushed in with 450. BB or chip leader rases me I hesitated and just called him. The flop didn't show any face cards with that I knew there was a good chance I was in the money, so I checked thinking Chip leader would sence a weakness and I was correct. Chip leader pushes ALL IN just like he has been doing for many hands when players check. I call and see the pocket KK's with no face cards on the flop. What worries me is atleast one face card will show on the table out of 5 cards usually. The trun and river didn't show a K or A so i was in the clear! 20,000 richer and the new chip leader at the table. I ended in 5th place and this was my 2nd PSO.