I just played this hand in the Big 2.20 and possibly made a really big mistake.  



Villain number 9 had just lost a large pot to villain number 1 and i was absolutely certain that i had him beat.  The problem that i had was that villain number 1 just called this scared me for some reason and i tanked for almost as long as i had left on my clock and chose to fold.

I was never going to call i was either going to go all in over top or fold.

Hopefully i am not being results orientated but i fell that maybe due to the size of my stack i should have pushed all in.  the size of the put would have given me a massive stack going into the final 100 people and folding it left me with 15 big blinds.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

PS - Since that hand i have gone of to get quads with QQ and triple up with AA maybe folding JJ wasnt the end of the world. 95 ppl left currently 13th.