Blog Entry #3



Running good in the small money spots and running bad in the big money spots. That seems to be the theme of last weekend.

At least the small money spots are keeping me afloat until i can start running good in the big spots.

Since my last blog update i have had my 2nd and 3rd biggest losing days.  Usually at about this point i would put my whole bankroll on the table and proceed to give it all to the person fortunate enough to be sitting at the table with me but i have been able to resist the tilting urges that are bubbling below.

The only tilting i have done in the chat box since starting this challenge has been to a player who was running his mouth so much that i couldn’t help myself.  Just after starting the chat battle the player was banned from the chat by a Poker Stars mod so it didn't last very long.

Due to my run bad throughout the weekend i was able to get a lot of work done on a short film i am editing and mixing the audio for.  Hopfully this will be completed in the next few months and be entered in a bunch of short film festivals.

i don't have any hands to add to this blog so far as a lot of the poker i have been playing this week has been on my iPhone and i find it hard to go back and get the hand number or histories.  I will have a few on my wednesday blog and will also put a few on the forum thread which can be found at the link below.


Bankroll Managment

I have been a wee bit naughty with my bankroll managment as i have been playing a bunch of MTTs that are slightly above what i am bankrolled for.  The main reason for this is that i feel like tournaments are my strongest game and i would like to be able to play that ones that have the most value to me which are mostly the smaller buy in Bigs MTTs.

My results so far have been poor due to me running very bad on the bubble and once i am in the money but i think my play has been good.  So far i have played 38 MTT’s for a total of $67.17 in buy-ins and cashed in 13 of them for a total of $44.63.  That is including a tournament that i am currently playing which is 70 players from the money. Hopefuly my luck has turned and i can get a good result in this one.

My total bankroll is currently $169.01 and i am down and total of $12.83 for the challenge.

Good luck to everyone that is reading this.



EDIT: Literally as soon as i pressed post for this blog i got all in with JJ vs 55 Flop comes 2 3 10 turn comes 6 river comes 5.  Still 54 players till the money and i have less then 10 big blinds, would have been over 40K in chips with over 50 blinds.  Looks like i may have to wait a bit longer for my luck to change.