Some of us are quite serious on our play money games, but these days its very hard to win or even keep your chips with so many muppets out there that just dont care and will call any amount, (especially pre-flop) with any cards and win. It is extremely fustrating. how many times does your top cards get beaten on the river by some muppet with a stupid low card hand on the river, making a straight or a fush no matter what you bet pre-fop, flop or turn. JOKERSTARS is the term i hear i lot on this site. How bout POKERSTARS creates tables that only true commited players can play on, tables that u have to establish youself some sort of rank to be able to play on them. I love the game and its not always bout real money and gambling is it??. Sometimes you just wanna enjoy a good game of poker with real pokerplayers and not DONKEY players