I played alright this month but definitely feel like I could have done better. I was right on the border of the $5 and $15 prize for much of the month. Something that I noticed about my play is that after having a few decent tournaments I get into the habit of playing early rounds like I do late for a couple of tournaments and end up getting sucked out on. Then I'll come back and play tight and do well for a while. Basically I have to maintain my focus in each tournament and not let previous play of myself dictate how I play a new situation, particularly when the blinds are low and I don't need to be risking a lot of my stack. October is a new month and I'm excited for it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the 20VPP to maintain my active status. That's what happens when you have poor bankroll management in august, you get active for september but leave yourself nothing for and end up whitestar ing october. I've learned many lessons this month when it comes to this league. Still like how it is set up and all the benefits of it though. Watch out next month and can't wait to see you there.