The last week has been rather good. I've made some money on full tilt and played well in PSO events. I started the week by buying in at tilt for $15 and have worked it up to over $50 playing .01/.02 NL 6-handed and .02/.05 NL 6-handed cash games. I'm trying to build up by increasing levels everytime I get to 10x the buyin for the table. In PSO games I have moved up about 400 spots after running a little bad to begin the month. __________________________________________________ _______________________________ I've been thinking a lot about my playing career (if you can call it that) and how I react to different things. One of the biggest things that I realized is that nothing really surprises me any more. For all my play in small limit events/tables and freerolls I have become unphased by people making dumb calls and sucking out on me. This includes playing weak hands preflop or chasing to catch two cards on the river. I know that some of the time the player may think I'm bluffing, they may have a huge stack and are looing to knock someone out or they may just not know what they are doing. When these things happen I have been getting pretty good at keeping cool and telling myself that their poor play is good for me. This doesn't mean that I make all the right plays though either. I guess the only thing that somewhat surprises me is when I'm 90% sure I know what another player has and then they show the nuts and that I was way off. This scenario doesn't come up nearly as the scenarios that no longer surprise me. Another thing that I think has helped is realizing that even though I have read multiple books/articles on poker most players haven't and that is a big reason they make those mistakes because they haven't been taucht to play differently. That's all I got for now. Peace. Derek Schneuer Do Great Things