After a couple weeks or so of playing in the PSO league I have found that the level of variance is a little higher than I thought it was in my initial thoughts blog but it is still way lower than in other freerolls which is great. My play has been pretty good but could still be better having recently my best and worst results thus far shows this. My most recent bad results have been from me getting married to strong preflop hands then playing them strong after hitting the flop only to get beat by a small pair that hit a set on the flop. In both cases I felt that I was beat but couldn't get myself to not bet or call with my top pair. The second place I got on the 26th I felt I played really well and just didn't get enough cards when it came to heads up. I don't remember ever being all in with the worst of it until the last hand in that tournament. Overall I feel I'm being a much more patient player at the table right now and playing more of whagt my style is rather than trying to play like other successful players which I think is the most important part of me seeing the little success I've had. If I can keep playing like this over the next week I hope I'm able to crack into the top 100 by the end of the month which has become my goal for right now. Other stuff outside of poker. Had an eventful week. I was ship wrecked and got face to face with a mama bear and her two cubs, got some cool pics of that. I am alos thinking about increasing the number of prop bets I make in the near future especially with football season upon us so I hope I can run as good at that as I have been at cards and get a few good pay offs. Just not sure what bets I'm going to make yet.