What a great way to get people into card rooms with zero risk. Nice job PS. I love how the league is set up on PSO. The system used to rank players is similar to that of Chess ranking system which I like because it doesn't necessarily benefit a player for playing in a lot of events but ranks players solely on the results they have gotten in the events they entered. I do hope they add other games into the mix and not have it be just NLH because I am a fan and enjoy all the games. I also like that PSO is targeted at players that actually want to improve their game and not recreational players because the recreational players are the ones that ruin freeroll events by doing crazy bets and making it a game of variance and not skill. The event structure is ok that it mirrors SNGs but it really doesn't suit my play style so I hope they make some events with different blind structures (i.e. turbo and longer levels). Overall it is an exceptional program they have set up. __________________________________________________ _______________________________ The tutorials are for the most part informative for beginners and people looking to brush up on somethings but I have always had a problem with one thing that many books and tutorials say. Many of them say at the very beginning you should play your style of poker and not try to copy someone else's. Then you read the first strategy session and they make it sound like there is only one good way to play a particular hand. To me this sounds kind of hypocritical. I think that every hand has many ways of being played all of which could be correct at any given time. The thing that needs to be done the same way each time is how the player assesses the situation and the play that he/she makes based on that assessment and their play style. This is what needs to be consistant not how specific individual cards should be played everytime. Here's an example. Pocket aces many players say you need to raise preflop with aces every time regardless of position or any other factor. This maybe true for certain individuals but my personal play style tells me to just call with them every once in a while. For instance: I will occasionally just call if I have raised three hands in a row and taken down the blinds each time early in an event. I do this because I don't want another player to get frustrated make a raise over the top which I have to call and then they get lucky by hitting a hand. I know most of you will say that I'm getting my money in at the best time but the fact remains that when I do lose in that situation I'm not losing the minimum I'm losing the maximum which isn't good. Side note about this: I am just trying to make a point about some of the terminology used in many poker books and tutorials, the example sounds a little extreme as I generally do raise aces with my standard raise about 97% of the time but I was just using it to illustrate a point. The tutorial on PSO is actually pretty soolid for people trying to learn the game and the strategies will help you get better but remember what they say at the very beginning that you have to play your style of poker and not to change that. Overall PS did a great job with PSO. I love it.