I have just started my 'professional poker training' about 2-months ago. Am playing, taking lessons and studying about 12-17 hours per day 7-days per week. I am still in the playing exclusively for Free Poker stage. But, sense that in a month or two I will be ready to play for 'real money'.

My question is this: I understand that a HUD is virtually manditory now-a-days. How long, before I start playing for 'real money' do you think I should get a HUD and start practicing using it. From sitting in on a few HUD training sessions...it appears to me that there is definately a 'learning curve', i.e. start-up time...to be able to actively and profitably use it during live games.

Short version, how long does it take to compidently get one's arms-around a new HUD (Hold'em Manager)?

Happy Trails,
Dr. Walt131313