Good afternoon to all! suggests/recommends using 'all' of the following software for playing poker question to all is: Which of the following 10 do you suggest that I use?

1) Holdem Manager Pro

2) Magic Holdem

3) Holdem Vision Pro

3) Leek Buster

4) Poker Push (both)

5) Table Scanner

6) SNG Wizard

7) TableNinja

8) Smart Buddy

9) Poker Table Ratings

10) PlayerGPS

I am eager to buy what I need...but do not want to spend more money than necessay (I know some are free or that I can 'earn' some of them). Nor do I want to load any freeware that is not very helpful. But, whatever I am going to use I want to start using this week. That is, even though it might cost me a couple-of-hundred...that's not my issue is that I want to make an informed decision which 'combination' of the above (10-recommended by is best to use...without regard to cost.

I will be happy to get the results back to you if you desire (obviously you will need to let me know that you would like to be notified of my findings).

Happy Trails and
Best Personal Regards,