Hello Everyone! Looking forward to a fun month of cards.......  Last month wasn't so good for me. Hoping to improve this month but recently i have hit a wall with pocket pairs. Specifically AA.  I have slow played, bet aggressively, donked all-in pre-flop, played them every which way possible against all types of players and i have won 2 out of the last 38 pocket rockets over the last month.......ending with today....which they lost to a K4 in the pso and immediately following lost to a 82 off suit in a 6.75 knockout. Both of them won with straights in which these players hit the 4 cards they needed to get it.  I may not have taken last month as seriously as i should have but i am failing to understand what lesson pokerstars is trying to teach me. Any advice in this matter would be helpful.  I know bad beats are common but enough is enough. Thank you for letting me vent.  Good Luck to everyone this month.  Yeti Rule.