Hey there poker folks.


Have you ever been so enthused to be a part of something? How about envious of others that are living the dream you want and took it from you at the tables? Or even wanted to say "I did it, I set my goal and I did it."

Well I am an avid poker player who desperately wants to be a part of the money making world online. I want to achieve and my goals so badly and live the dream that the pros do that I would do almost anything to live in this world. I actually want to make a living doing this. As many of you want to as well; I'm sure of it. There just seems to be one obstacle in the way. Luck!

I don't know where it comes from, how to acquire it, harness it or who is even deserving of it. But its out there and it will ruin you. No matter how many books you read, how well you play, what kind of hands you play. You can always be destroyed in one or two hands. By this I mean from Chip leader/table leader or bubble boy/almost in the money to eliminated. I refer to these situations because I feel as though it happens way to often in my world of struggle to make it, and it becomes so heartbreaking when it happens that you almost can't handle the emotions. Such as becoming totaling irrate yelling at your monitor. ( in fact I almost wall mounted it a couple of times without hardware, came close to just sticking it the drywall) Morals and sense obviously stopped that but you also get down right emotional about too when all you want to do is succeed. I know that I am not the only one but you really do feel like you're being punished for something and don't know why.

A little bit of my background that leads to this is probably necessary...........I once played online poker for a couple of years. Now even though I had played a ton of poker before online poker evolved, I was still a novice/rookie/donkey/etc...however you want to label it. I am also not a high stakes player but when you consistently lose a few hundred bucks here and there it starts to bug you. So I played and lost then gave it up on the world of onlilne poker. So then I hit live tourneys and loved it. I made a few thousand bucks, got engaged with the cash and things were great. I did this in secret until I got engaged and brought it to light that I can do this and make a living. Well  because it was not a garaunteed income we decided that that life could never become. It was too risky.

So now a few years later, I decided that if so many people can make money online, I can too. So I read the poker math books, poker tells, did the online schooling and improved my game a great deal. To the point where I feel as though I can compete with the best. But this LUCK wall keeps stopping me. I have won some money here and there, and have sucked out on people from time to time, but its rare trust me, and we all have, but that seems to only last for a moment then its gone. I'm not saying that I'm the best there is, because I'm not. Actually far from and still have lots to learn no matter how much I think I know about poker theres still more. But in the end I figured its time to make it.

I may have lost some of you by now due to boredom, and there are probably some that are saying to themselves, "thats me to a T."

So I then set a goal. I will not give up until I win $500 from this online world.  And was going to do it by only putting a small deposit in. It was just over ten dollars, I forget exactly how much but that money is almost gone now and will be forced to make yet another deposit soon, and don't want to fall into that routine again. I was already there once. I try satellites, sit & gos, heads up, tourneys. (cheapies and freerolls of course with the exception some satellite tickets) andI'll be honest the ten bucks has lasted nearly two months now, but how does one not make a reasonable cash out by then with such well organized bankroll management. It blows me away.

So when it come to others commenting on this blog tell me how familiar some of these instances are.

your vs. and the opponent hits trip sixes first hand of a tourney

your vs. monster vs monster and his holds up

your vs. and they hit the king

your vs. and they hit a 4 card flush.

your vs. and they hit both the seven and the duece.

your vs. board of and missing all 21 outs on the river.

All I can say after hands like this is UN"FREAKIN" BELIEVABLE!

This is just some of the hands that I constantly get eliminated on. Played various different ways in various positions and still lose. I feel as most of these are premium hands and that luck is in their favour more often than it is in mine. I can handle losing but at what point does it overcome and profit? I would love it if a poker pro would take me under his wing and  analyze me and tell me what i need to be doing to make it big. Because when I finally get that $500 dollar pay out, I plan to continue on the path of poker success and play in the WSOP one day. No where but up for me. I just gotta get outta this rut.

The whole point of this blog was to get point across that there must be way out of these ruts where one can make it in this world and turn the luck around. No more bubbling, or losing to premium hands, or suck outs or just making it to the money for minimal pay.  When I get to the money I want to start feeling like I can go deep with a big stack. If there are any tips that one can share with people like me and others a like, the information would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to hear stories as I have talked about above so that I can relate others on a similar level too.

Hopefully the next blog will be an update to future profits and I'll share my success stories and tips too as I go. We all need a break in life and I want to help others achieve it as well if I can. Until next time. Later poker folks.