Well "2010" is in the history books, along with my first month on record (poker, poker, poker). 

I opened my account with $100 (hard-earned)  & grew that number to $180 in my first month!  :lol:

Although twenty bucks was match-deposit  $ returned to my account,  I think an 80% gain in one month of playing and learning  'aint  too bad for a rookie (LOL).   The key is to stick with what works (for me), Tight Aggressiive play- just like the PSO instruction says!  8)

With more patience and practice, I will have continued growth to my  (tiny) bankroll and  have another (high) positivie percentage gain in January. . .   May the year 2011  bring everyone great poker satisfaction and a positive gain to your bankrolls.  :wink: