I was chatting at a table with some cool players, 11 Scorpius 11, Rayman 33, Obliviousmind, etc.

Here's the idea I came up with, an end of the month final tournament, for the top 200? 400? finishers.

Now since we are in the last few days of this month, I am hearing some people say that they are giving up and gonna go for the next month, which is cool. But if you have about 3-5 strong finishes, you can be right there in the mix. It will also help motivate some of the people that think theres nothing to play for on the last few days of the month.

Scorpius thought perhaps a playoff type system? I will ask him to explain that idea, which sounded interesting as well.

Raynman made a comment that we should all have to be qualified with our 20 VPP's to participate, which I hope would entice PS to agree with this since more players will pay in Multi table tourneys, Sit n Go's, and other real money games.

I am extremely pleased with the current format and we all agreed we are thankful that PS does this awesome School for us to improve our games. Think of it? We are all in the minor leagues of Professional Poker. My dream is to turn pro someday soon, but while im learning and honing my craft. Would be fun to add to an already awesome league.

Besides we are all risk takers at heart, so anything we earn will most likely return to some other game here. If I can stay in top 10, I will more than likely play in Sunday Million.

Hey, heres an idea if they dont want to add to the leagues current play format. Add an entry to the Sunday Million for top 10, Sunday 1/4 Million for those that finish 11th-20th, Daily 90k for 20th-50th?

What do you think, send me a message, add to this idea. Just give me my I thought of it first props, lol.

BTW today is the 28th, I am in 12th place, which is going to change. My finishes today 60th, 46th, and ick 320th, gotta avoid those. getting ready for next game, good luck to you all. Except when you're up against me!! lol

Take care all Droop