First off, the fun part.  Limped in on two tables, one with pocket 4's, one with kq diamonds.  On the first table the flop is a4a.  I figure I'm good, so I just check.  The other table the flop is aj of diamonds, and I believe one other diamond.  I figure I'm also good, so I check.  The turn comes on the first table (blank), and I check again.  The flush table bets I just call.  The river on the first table is a 4.  One guy bets, I go all in.  He calls with a flush, me with quads.  The river on the flush table is a 10 of diamonds!  Some one bets, and I go all in with the Royal Flush.  He calls.  Quads on one table, a royal on the other, at the same time.  It was awesome!  

On a learning note, I still haven't quite learned to make the "hard" folds.  I was taken down to less than 2 big blinds, and knocked out of another tourney on stupid calls.  One was pocket 5's.  Nough said.  The other was a/j.  Late in the tourney, full table, player UTG raises.  I'm in the small blind, I reraise.  He goes all in.  Should have been an instant fold for me.  Instead I think about it, call, and see pocket A's.  I got what I deserved.  Well, there's always the next game.