Missed out on one due to my second job.  I started playing after sitting out for 2 hours.  Not surprised I didn't cash.  But today, I got to play a whole NL Hold' em game.  Cashed!  180 out of 870 ish.  In level 1 or 2 (don't remember which one) I had A 8 from small blind and flopped topped pair with an 8.  I pushed, called by pocket 3's and they hit on the river.   I know, over aggressive, but I felt it was justified due to how the other person left in the pot was playing.  They hit the 3 on the river, which left me with about 400 in chips.  I was struggling at the 10 big blind level for the rest of the tourney, but that's ok.  I still managed to hang in past number 200.  I made some really good lay downs.  a/j and a/10.  I didn't push (which most would with those), but when I folded I was shown a/k and k/k.  I was very surprised to see some pokerstar pro players and some supernova players at the tables.  Stiff competition!  So now, to prepare for tomorrow's tourney.  Hopefully I'll have some luck and cash big!